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Experienced and cohesive Team is ready to work for your company using modern marketing tools. We are strongly motivated.



Are You looking for effectiveness? We work according to the method of 'getting things done'. We are fully focused on your tasks.



The here and now marketing which stands for prompt results instead of paper strategy. Communication without barriers.



Specific and real solutions instead of unending pursuit of the ideal. The process of improving is endless.



C108 stands for numerous satisfied customers. Join the circle!


10 years

C108 equals 10 years of experience, actual competences and know-how which can work for You.

Marketing 360°



We devise and produce advertisements. We integrate various communication channels to capture the attention of the audience. Advertising is our element

PR & Influence

We work on relations. We take care of the image of people, companies and products.

Digital & Social Media

Overall care of the customer’s image in the digital world and his presence in the social media.

Copywriting & Content

Words are extremely powerful. We conceive slogans and catchwords. We design effective content to multiple applications.

Ambient & Event

We prepare companies for the most effective participation in fairs, conferences and other events. We organize ambient actions - engaging and crossing boundaries

Graphic Design

CI graphics, animation, visualization, film, photography. We find no barriers in the process of creation. We give the ideas the actual shape.

Join our clients!

C108 Team!

Passion and creativity. We break marketing stereotypes. We identify overselves with the goals of our clients. We exceed the client’s expectations.

  • comprehensive approach to marketing
  • know-how
  • proactivity
  • effectiveness
  • open relationships

Go for Agile!

New perspectives in business: go for Agile! The world's economy is progressing at an astounding rate. Thousands of companies, brands and products are struggling to capture the customer's attention. What was trendy yesterday is most likely passé today. Agile marketing methodology is our response to constant change of everything. Fast reaction and dynamic action. We are agile to ensure that your brand remains on your customer's minds.

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